Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Using WordPress Makes Sense for Bay Area Web Design

At Bay Area Web Design we like WordPress.. a lot. I'm pretty sure some of sleep with WordPress Web Design books under our pillows. Not me of course.... I'm talking about... someone else. Yeah, someone else.

WordPress makes sense though. It has thousands of customizable options like Plugins, Frameworks like Thesis Theme for WordPress, Extensions, Themes, and more!

Not to mention our customers only have great things to say about how easy it is to keep their website current! If you are a Dentist in need of Web Design, why would you learn CSS and HTML or how to Edit Thesis Theme? You already have enough on your plate and you didn't goto school to become a web designer, did you? No, you didn't.

You want to leave the technical stuff to professionals. I wouldn't ask a Bay Area Web Designer to do my dental work, why ask a dentist to build a website.

Some other features and benefits to using WordPress for Bay Area Businesses is that it offers functionality and scalability. Later on you can add more dynamics to your website with ease. Maybe you want to use WordPress for your Bay Area Company, but not have a blog. You can do that! If you decide later you want a blog- No problem! WordPress is there for you, so is Bay Area Web Design!